No Atlas

by T-Bird

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This album was written and recorded during the last half of April, 2016 in Tony's apartment.


released April 29, 2016



all rights reserved


T-Bird Lincoln, Nebraska

T-Bird is Tony Lien--a food service worker who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a largely self-taught musician who has been writing/recording music for 12 years. His music is also available in physical form upon request (cassettes released by his home label: Space Bob Tapes). ... more

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Track Name: I'd Be King If There Was No One Else Around
I would be king if there was no one else around
Spell my name in jewels on a rustic golden crown
Swing my dull sword at nothing while I patrol the empty lands
All of the birds and the bunnies would know who I am

I would read every leather-bound book in the castle library
I would see every great man made history except for me
Look down at my moat and watch crocodiles eat unsuspecting geese
And think they would do the exact same shit if they were free

Just like me
Track Name: Moon Song
There's no one watching from the moon
In space, the sun ain't sunlight, it is only fire
I'm not singing to anyone, I'm not singing to you
You are in my heart, this world's most soundproof room

So let's change the channel
This isn't really a song anymore is it
Track Name: You Will Get Your Spaghetti-Os
What do you know about love?
You've never been alone

I know you, but not like other people think they do
You've got snakes squirming in your head where there should be a brain
You will be served what you deserve
You will end up alone, eating nothing but Spaghetti-Os
There's no excuse for the insecurities you choose
If all the wronged were like you, Earth would be as dead as the Moon
Track Name: Self-Destructer
I'll leave before I leave
I'll wrap this up before it bleeds
I'll drown before it gets too deep
I'll walk away before I put shoes on my feet

There's no one left in the world
Just everybody else
What if I'm already dead, and this is Hell?

I'll write my name before this is concrete
I'll see the world before it's on TV
I'll live my nightmares before I sleep
I'll fuck everything up before it fucks me

There's no world left out there
Just the illusions my brain sees
What if all of the angels are just as sad as me?
Track Name: No Atlas
Without you, my Atlas
The world is a marble beneath my bedroom dresser
I'm floating in space
But I am not an astronaut, just some guy with nowhere to go
You are a tiny bird outside my window
The pane is too thick for me to hear your song
The dried up bones of tomorrow are waiting
In the soil to decompose and sprout up in a Spring long after

I am gone

My sweet Atlas
I hope you find a planet big enough for you to live on
Lay in the meadow
So far from here
Be who you are
One in six billion
Track Name: Single Words
I've been working
But it ain't working
Work, drink, eat
Sleep, dream, nightmares

Nothing is the hardest thing to let go of
Time ain't a river, it is only mud
They say I came from God, and all I need is love
All he gave me was a dick and a pair of nuts

I've been waiting
But time is waiting
Lust, think, come
I still need love

Time is mean enough
I swear he spends all his time on stopping us
Track Name: Everything/Nothing
You are my everything
Let's do nothing

Let's eat chips and rematch "The Matrix"
Get drunk at noon and write reviews on Netflix
Let's sit on the couch and watch the dog sleep
You can take a nap while I count your sheep
Put your legs on my lap and look at your cell phone
Go out with your friends and leave me alone
Eat all the cheese in the house and send me to get more
Go to work early, leave me a note on the front door

You are my everything
Let's do nothing

Tell me to shut up when your'e trying to read
Kiss me on cheek when you're done and say 'sorry'
Watch our clothes spin at the laundromat
Go on a walk and not talk till we get back
Blow off our friends and stare at a blank TV
Talk about someday we'll move to Hawaii
You organize the sock drawer while I make spaghetti
You sing in the shower, and I hum along to the melody

You are my everything
Let's do nothing
Track Name: Lover, I Wish You Were Still a Child
Lover, I wish you were still a child
And I was your cheap plastic toy
Leave me in the yard, forget me in a cupboard
I would never have to forgive you

I could be the water you drink from the hose
The parts of me you waste would soak into your clothes
Keep you cool in the August sun
Everything I'm good for would make you happy

Lover, I wish you were still a child
And I was a bird you imagined to be your friend
Sit on your porch, and I'd eat seeds from your hands
Wouldn't break my tiny heart to see you cry when I fly away
Track Name: Please, Walk Down The Street
Won't you please come walking down the street?
You are so pretty
Please come right here to me

There's the mailman bringing me some bills
That greasy slob waiting in his car to buy some pills
The garbagemen taking my beer cans to the landfill
That customer who doesn't my name, but I know his, it's Phil

None of them is you

Won't you please come walking down the street?
You are so pretty
Please come right here to me

There's a wedding in the park that I wish I couldn't see
A drunk crumpled up, asleep, beneath a beautiful tree
My shitty neighbor watching her shitty dog pee
Scraggly, coked-up fiend running from the police

Won't you please come walking down the street?
You are so pretty
Please come right here to me
Track Name: Sorry Mantra
I'm sorry I made you sad
You are my best friend
I was wrong so many times
To make you feel like you were wrong
You never were
You are so strong
The sun, it shines when you are trying
The moon, it glows when you are still trying
I'm sorry I made you cry
You are my best friend
I can't say I'll never hurt you again
My heart burns
And fire is fair
My heart, it burns for you
And love is not fair
Track Name: I Think I Need a Drink
I will make my way through with work and sleep
Do some things that mean something to me
Shake the hands of all the people I meet
Live in a house with other houses on a street
I will pay to live with hospital fees
I will get mad at myself for not keeping track of my keys
I will speak, and sing, and in between I'll breathe
The world's a circle, space is dead, I'll never leave

I see clearly
I feel deeply
I think I need a drink
Track Name: Enticing Offer
Stay here with me

The sheets are dirty, and the garbage stinks
There's mold on the walls, and the fridge is empty
There's beer on my breath, and I like to watch the same movies
There's mice in my drawers, and bats in the walls

Stay here with me

My hands are scabbed over, and my patience is small
My sleep is disturbed by nightmares and worry
The postman leaves me bills and ads
The world is so big, and I don't care

Stay here with me

Hold my hands tight
Til I am numb

There's no way back
From being alone
Track Name: I Have a Prayer
Someday, there will be no more pain
I will close my eyes, and the world will go on its way
Whether or not I am satisfied, I will have lived my life
Leave behind a tombstone and a name
Someday, there will be no more pain

Maybe things could change
The two of us would be okay
We could be together, for the rest of forever
We'd never be alone, and we'd hurt just the same
Close our eyes by each other's side
And there would be no more pain

Maybe this is goodbye
For the rest of our lives
All the words we've ever said are all the words we will ever say
My heart will break, and I'll never be okay
But either way, someday there will be no more pain
Track Name: Tiny Box, Tiny Cave
When I'm gone
They will sell my car
And someone else will move into my house

I'll leave my songs
In a tiny box
And no one will ever listen to them again

They will dissolve
And float off in the wind
And sing to themselves in an endless field of sound

My soul will stay
In a tiny cave
Putter around, and paint portraits of you with clay

My voice will be gone
And my fingers numb
I will break my guitars, use the wood to feed my fire

I won't look
For your grave
You are in my memories, that's eternity

I hope my songs meant something to you.