The Room Below Everything

by T-Bird

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This album was recorded in the course of a month for the RPM Challenge (write a 35 minute album in the month of February).


released February 24, 2016



all rights reserved


T-Bird Lincoln, Nebraska

T-Bird is Tony Lien--a food service worker who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a largely self-taught musician who has been writing/recording music for 12 years. His music is also available in physical form upon request (cassettes released by his home label: Space Bob Tapes). ... more

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Track Name: Hell Ain't Underground
Hell ain't underground
No sadistic evil clowns
Circling around me with razor sharp teeth
Peeling off my skin so they can feast on my meat

Hell ain't underground
No pits that wind down, down, down
To a cavern of fire with my name on a chair
Where I sit and burn forever in agony and scared

Hell ain't underground
No devil or demons around
To read off my wrongs from an annotated scroll
While I'm ripped apart by a mutated troll
Track Name: I'm a Dummy
I won't pray in the Buddhist temples that are strewn about Japan
I won't weep in the catacombs in the bowels of France

I ain't got no degree
No I can't earn no money
No I am just a dummy

I won't swim in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii
I won't move to New York City and play these songs at Bill Murray's party

I don't got no bravery
I don't have no faith in me
I will always be a dummy

Don't misunderstand
This is not self-deprication
I don't want the world; I just want love
I'll be just fine with her
Waking up to eggs and coffee
Watching the same old show through our kitchen window

Always and never
Track Name: The Sadness In My House
There's dust in a dog bowl
And a spider living in a web

The sadness in my house lives with all the world

There's a picture in my bedroom
And a pillow in the closet

The sadness in my house makes me dream when I want to sleep

There's a rose that died last summer
And pedals I never swept up

The sadness in my house is too good to throw away

There's a silly goodwill figurine
That's never stopped staring at me

The sadness in my house will be here when I leave
Track Name: The Villains In The Woods
When I was a little boy
I saw myself wander through the yard
A little black cape, white eyes, and a wooden sword
Mom called me to dinner
Steak and mashed potatoes
I sat down, but I knew that I had disappeared
Out there

To find a story
To fight...

The villains in the woods
All the bad men in the world that make the good guys look so good
The villains in the woods
The culprits on the T.V. screen that sell the products on the commercials in between
The villains in the woods
Who do not eat, and do not sleep, they don't even love, they just pick the scabs from their feet
The villains in the woods
I was told so much about

I haven't seen myself since
I might still be fighting, or I might be dead
If you happen to find me, would you just let me know
Track Name: I See Buts
So many stars, but not too many wild things
Six billion people, but not too many human beings
Rows and rows of married folks, but not too many lovers
Who can talk about things

Oceans of information, but not too much I really want to know
Planes and cars and trains and boats, but not too many places
I want to go

Endless opportunities, but opportunities don't mean the same thing as free
We're a true love story, but that don't make this a good movie
Yes, I know how to fish, but I don't think that I can survive in the sea
I am not an animal, but I need you like a wolf needs meat
Track Name: Concerto #6 (Intermission)
Track Name: A Ghost Story
My hopes are born above the clouds
They are angels of the atmosphere with trumpets to sound
But it's a long way to the ground
They fly around, and don't know where to start
Soon they will grow up, and they will fill up their hearts
And find that waiting for love ain't like waiting for the arc

I fear that by the time they reach you, you see
They will be nothing more than flying space debris
Take cover

Perhaps they'll land in the sea
And take refuge on some driftwood and wait for a naval fleet
But it's all empty as far as the eye can see
They'll live off the fish that swim down below
And remember the sky like it was someone they used to know
As they're slowly being pulled into the undertow

I fear that by the time they reach you, you see
They will be nothing more than a ghost story
Hide under your covers
Track Name: The Sweethearts At The End of The World
The sweethearts wait at the end of the world
To relieve me of my ragged clothes
Wash the dirt and blood from my back
And lay me down like a puppy on a burlap sack

The sweethearts at the end of the world
Save my life's tears in a billion bottles
To show me what a nice boy I've been
And that it meant so much to every one of them

The sweethearts wait at the end of the world
Because it was not their world; they made it for me
The trials, and battles, and every last stand
Were designs for their very own man

God is a song
And the sweethearts know that a song don't last too long
Track Name: Nightmare '97
I see a river of blood
And a coffin for everyone I love
Down below our lives above

Everyone is rotting and green
Saying their goodbyes to me
Before I send them on their way to Satan's beach

The worst part is I can't speak
My heart must have had a slow, slow leak
They won't even get a sad chirp
From this dumb bird's beak

Everyone means the world to me
But now the whole fucking world is gone
Everyone made me who I am
And all I made them is this fucking song

Nightmare 1997
Track Name: I'm Going To Buy A Van
I'm going to buy a van
And drive far away
No GPS, just outdated maps
Fill in the pieces with what I see each day

I'm going to drive this van
Pay for gas with these songs
No computer; I'll write you letters
As long as I am gone

I'm going to use this van
To show up and visit people I know
No calls or plans; just a knock at the door
Hope I don't persuade them to build moats around their homes

I'm going to buy a van
And drive it to the middle of everything
Watch everyone in the whole wide world
And finally be alone
Track Name: I Was Thinking Of You
They found me in the kitchen
Laying face down by the counter
I had been making a sandwich
Ham, lettuce, tomato, and mayonaise

But I was thinking of you

They found all of my paintings
Dogs and cats and flowers and some landscapes
They even found that lamp I made
That looks like I was high when I made it

But I was thinking of you

They found all of my mixtapes
Organized by the dates in which I made them
I swear there must be 999,999
I hope you still have that one I made for you

I was thinking of you

They found me several days after
My heart had given up on beating
There was no one else in the house
There was no one else around

I was waiting for you
Always thinking of you
Track Name: Years of Crazy
There's noise in my head
And you are the silence it brings me
I saw a man without a face
Smile at a memory
Strange times indeed, I'm falling
Through years of crazy
Haunted like a dumb boy
Whose faith brought him Mephistopholes

It's so dark, but I am dreaming
Track Name: Bird On A Tree
I have nothing nice to say
Please leave me alone
My blood is red, it's cold outside
That's all that I know
I don't think I want to die; I just want to disappear
Exist like trees and rocks and air
And outlive human despair

Don't listen to me
Listen for that little bird who's out there singing
So sweetly
On a branch on that old tree
That I long to be
Track Name: 3 AM
Track Name: The Last Song
This is the last song, this is the best song
Don't you know the last song is always for you?
It sounds pretty happy, but I'm pretty sad
That playing you this song is the best I can do

This is the last song, this is the best song
Don't you know the last song is always for you?
I hope you listen to it when I'm gone
This sad little soundtrack to 'Not Too Soon'

This is the last song, this is the saddest song
Don't you know the last song is always for you?
I can't say it when I want to:
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you

You are the garbage for my heart's raccoons