Colouring Book

by T-Bird

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released June 26, 2016



all rights reserved


T-Bird Lincoln, Nebraska

T-Bird is Tony Lien--a food service worker who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a largely self-taught musician who has been writing/recording music for 12 years. His music is also available in physical form upon request (cassettes released by his home label: Space Bob Tapes). ... more

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Track Name: Monster Bummer
There's a monster coming after me
Even though I'm who I was born to be
I'm strong and witty and capable of anything
But there's a monster coming after me

I know every hallway in my house
Every closet, little cracks, and secret ways out
I know all the people that live on my street
With perfect square yards that they keep real neat
There's an atlas in my drawer with little lines that lead
To every corner of the world that is sovereign and free
My car can take me to boat or a plane
And the money in my wallet can get me the fuck away

But there's a monster coming after me
Even though I was raised by a perfect family
I've got all my friends and a college degree
But there's a monster coming after me

I want to be saved because I earned it
I don't deserve this because I didn't ask for it

I've got a lover who truly loves me
She lies next to me when I sleep
Got a dog and insurance and vacation days
And a cabin in the woods right next to the lake

There's a monster coming after me
Even though I say my prayers and wear my rosary
God is with me and my soul is his to keep
But there's a monster coming after me
Track Name: This Flower Is For You
This flower is for you
I found it long ago in the playground at school
The very same spot I fell and lost my first tooth
The petals were yellow and the sky above was blue

It died in a glass of water on my windowsill
It was all dried up and very still
By then it was the first thing I'd ever killed
Here, this flower is for you

Since then I've seen so many flowers
And I've picked some of those flowers
And I've given some of those flowers
But this flower is for you

My shirt was speckled with mud, my face smeared with ice cream
I was six years old and my lungs were clean
I wasn't hoping for anything
This flower ain't a flower
But you know what I mean
Track Name: I Wish People Weren't People
I wish people weren't people
I wish they were drawn on a page
That I could turn, or close the book and throw it away

I wish people weren't people
I wish they were beasts with bones in their teeth
Green-skinned, naked, every one of them ugly

I wish people weren't people
I wish they were delusions in my brain
And I could blame myself, all alone and insane

I could die right now while I'm still alive
There are so many eyes
They might as well be God

I wish people weren't people
I wish they were oxygen
And I could breathe and never see them

I wish people weren't people
I wish they were just places I've never been to
A list I've never made of things I'd never do
Track Name: The OK Mountain
I promise I'll be a good boy
Do my homework before I play with my toys
I'll stand in line at the water fountain
And spend my life climbing the OK mountain

I promise to hold your hand while I cross the street
Be nice to every human even if they are mean
Search for perfect happiness until I've found it
Then thank God above from the top of the OK mountain

I promise to never smoke cigarettes
I'll leave the whiskey on the shelf no matter how hard it gets
I'll be the stronger man while all the weak ones flounder
There's only room for me up top of the OK mountain

I promise to fulfill my childhood dreams
Build a big house and keep it real clean
Until heaven's trumpets start sounding
Then I'll float up to the sky and forget the OK mountain
Track Name: I Love You In Every Dimension
I love you in every dimension

If I was a spider
I wouldn't bite you
I'd stay in my web beneath the radiator
And eat the gnats

If I was a psychopathic murderer
I wouldn't kill you
I'd slaughter politicians
Use their skin to make you fancy hats

If I was a Catholic priest
I wouldn't say no to you
I'd throw my rosary in the fire
Let the podium conduct Sunday mass

If I was a ghost
I wouldn't freak you out
I'd sit with the gnomes on your front lawn
And scare the brats off of your grass
Track Name: Enjoy Your Walk
Enjoy your walk
Walk slowly
Listen to your hearts beat
Count the ants on the concrete
Smell someone is grilling meat somewhere you cannot see
Walk by the church you don't believe
Wipe the sweat from your brow with your sleeve
Breathe the air that isn't clean
Love each other when you're old and mean
Track Name: Our Garden
Our garden is miles and miles away
Past many houses, streets, and driveways
Sometimes it snows, sometimes it rains
I think about our garden everyday
Track Name: Broken Right Hand
Track Name: Sober Fish
Sober fish swimming in the sea
The water ain't an ocean, and it ain't deep
I want to be just like him
Just sharks out there, no sharks inside of me

I've got fins and scales and I'm blue and yellow
The sun shines through the water and I sparkle
I can't speak or sing
I just make bubbles

Those aren't scuba-clad humans filming a documentary
No, they are just angels checking in on me
This is not my life
This is just the world
Track Name: Sad Day
This sad day is the voice in this song
My brain's an empty room and someone left the radio on
I'll leave a message, listen to it when I get back
Like a survivor reading a note after aliens have attacked

I will try the very best I can
To make something nice like a flower painted on a garbage can
I'm afraid the stink of this alley will drive you away
Leave you wishing for the static blanket of grocery store airplay

This ain't a story, just shitty poetry
In a moldy book in an empty library
I didn't write the words, but the words are about me
I want to be free but I'm not and I'm sorry
Track Name: Neverender
Track Name: The Someday Song
This will be the house we build somewhere in Nebraska
This will be the rain on the prairie that lulls us to sleep
This will be the hot air balloon that floats by on a Sunday
This will be the spider in the bathroom that makes you scream
This will be my head on your shoulder whenever you are sad
Track Name: Candy Apple Daydream
I want you to be free
I want your apples to taste like candy
I want to make you cry because you love me
Not make you fake a smile because you hate me

I want you to be happy
Make you think of pumpkin pie when you lie in a pile of dead leaves
I want to sleep next to you when you are asleep
Know our roots are tangled like a pair of Cottonwood trees
Track Name: Bedtime Cigarette
Dog on the lawn
You smell like the air outside
Empty bottles lay in the grass for days
Save a cigarette for bedtime
Tell me I need a vacation
It's okay, been a long time since my last nightmare
My biggest waste of time this year
Was an unsatisfying book
Track Name: At The Baseball Game
I don't want a gun
I don't want a parade
I don't want to sing the national anthem
At the baseball game

I don't want to drink
To kill the pain
I don't want to eat a hot dog
At the baseball game

I don't want a piece of paper
To speak for my brain
I don't want to sit with you or anyone else
At the baseball game
Track Name: Everything Is Love
You hate those church bells ringing
And those dogs free of their leashes
Those cat-calling cowards in their cars
And flowers on the tree that leave you sneezing

But everything is love
Everything exists to remind me of you
Everything is love

You hate when I am right
And when I don't shave off my sideburns
Those times when I refuse to say a word
Leave you thinking I'm trying to piss you off

But everything is love
Everything I do is because I love you
Everything is love

You hate that this is so hard
And that I don't know what else to do
Those empty nights filled with empty sounds
Filled me up and now I'm floating away

But everything is love
You are my world, so you know I'm somewhere
Everything is love

You know so much more than me
And you can wait to cry until you're all alone
You can see the brighter side of total darkness
You are the land that all the weak ones live on