Happy Place

by T-Bird

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This album was recorded using a banjo, an acoustic guitar, a cheap keyboard from Electronic Goodwill, and a loop station.


released January 22, 2016



all rights reserved


T-Bird Lincoln, Nebraska

T-Bird is Tony Lien--a food service worker who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a largely self-taught musician who has been writing/recording music for 12 years. His music is also available in physical form upon request (cassettes released by his home label: Space Bob Tapes). ... more

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Track Name: This Old House
Old house on some old street
If you were to look, you would find me
A broken door, I lost the key
The day I met you I took a seat
Upstairs with all of the antiques
And I wrapped myself in dusty sheets
I'm not a ghost, I'm friendly
I'm just waiting for you to come and clean
The time from my memory
I love you so deeply
I'm a stone below every drip of the sea
Track Name: Hot Pink Shoes
Hot pink shoes (on the sidewalk)
Hot pink shoes (walking the dog)
Hot pink shoes (oh look, the mailman)
Hot pink shoes (in my house)
Hot pink shoes (on a sunny afternoon)
Hot pink shoes (on the carpet)
Hot pink shoes (you look so good in those hot pink shoes)
Track Name: Steve Buscemi Isn't Hot
Steve Buscemi isn't hot
But he directed and starred in that movie "Trees Lounge"
Steve Buscemi isn't hot
And what about that early 2000s movie "Armageddon"?
Steve Buscemi isn't hot
He even contributed to Lou Reed's concept album "The Raven"
Think what you want, but Steve Buscemi's not hot
Track Name: Gray Dog's Lost
Track Name: The Mayor of 11th Street
It makes no difference to me
Sipping coffee, picking brains off of my feet
This is a paradise only I can see
Because I'm the mayor of 11th street

This world doesn't make much sense to me
But I'm staying sober, still walking this beat
I'm a man all the yuppies want to meet
Because I'm the mayor of 11th street
Track Name: Sultan's Kite Song
Sultan's Kite, Sultan's Kite
Sultan owns it, he is nice
Sultan's Kite, Always right
Gyros, chicken, and steamed rice!
Sultan's Kite, day or night,
Sometimes I even eat there twice
Sultan's Kite, hunger's plight
Falafel and lentil soup, nice!
Track Name: I'm Still a Man
Yes I know that you are strong
But I'm still a man
Yes I know that you are new
But I'm still a man
Yes I know this world is cruel
But I'm still a man
Yes I know I don't know what you've been through
But I'm still a man

You can do anything, but anything can happen to you
And I'll be there, your very own man
Track Name: I Hate This Song
I'm a good bird, I'm afraid to fly
Got what I need to live and I want to die
I pay for all the channels and I see it on the web
I don't want to start because I know how it ends
And I want love as long as it's not mine
I can see the truth as long as I am high
I live the American Dream
And I drink so I can finally sleep
Track Name: Bob's Spaceship
My friend Bob, the astronaut
Will fly away someday in a homemade space pod
I don't believe in God
But I believe in Bob

Bob's Spaceship

My friend Bob, holds the key
To interstellar secrets long asleep
I don't believe God
But I believe in Bob

Bob's Spaceship

Please take me with you, Bob
Track Name: Backyard Cowboy
I'm a backyard cowboy
I make my own desert noise
While I hear you live your life in hour house
I'm right here if you need me
Suffering so deeply while the sun goes down
I will wait forever
So we can be together
As long as the Earth goes round
But don't you wait too long
The planets will collide
And the stars someday will die
Track Name: Ode to Radio
Did you hear my song on the radio late last night?
It had a verse that went a little something like this...
And a pre-chorus to build up the chorus

And here it is, this should do just fine
I hope it applies to some aspect of your life

This is the bridge now
The time signature change, it signifies the bridge now

And here's the end
We're right back where we started
Track Name: It's Hard to Be Simple
It's hard to be simple
When everyone knows what hurts you the most
Your heart is a hole
And know one cares why

Because that's just where their shit goes
No, no, no
No talk, the bar is closed

No, most people are not alive; they just work here
And besides, pity is gross

What do you know?
What do you say?

Things will be okay, just not today
Track Name: Love?
Why do you love me?

Is it that eternal force that can't be seen?
Is it nature and its chemicals inside of you and me?
Is it just a vessel for your whims and money?
Is it just to hide the parts of you that are evil and nasty?
Is it because you're locked in this life without a key?
Or is it just to control me?

There are so many possibilities
I'm not sure that I want you to love me

Why do I love you?
Is it because it's the hardest thing one can possibly do?
Is it because every foot needs a shoe?
Is it because my heart doesn't have anything else to do?
Is it because I hurt and you are easy to hold on to?
Is it because there's no telling if it were ever actually true?

There are too many possibilities
I'm not sure that I want to love you

I'm not sure I want to love you
Track Name: Birdhouse
My best friend, Clinton Smith
Told me about a man he knew as a young boy
The man was a teacher, the best teacher he ever had, he said
The man taught him how to build a birdhouse
He remembers this good man to this day
He's probably dead by now, Clinton said
But that birdhouse we built together...
It still feeds birds.
Track Name: The Star Sight
Open up the star sight
Track Name: Happy Place
This is my happy place
This is the music I hear when I see your face
It's not real, but it's my favorite dream
This hurts so much, love is not what it seems

This is my happy place
This is the sound of the food that I can't taste
I swear I'll keep making these stupid songs
Until you're right here where you belong